Grant Thornton sponsors Graduate FogACCOUNTANCY FIRM “PROUD” TO BACK OUR WEBSITE

Great news! Graduate Fog is excited to announce our first official sponsor: professional services firm Grant Thornton. Here, Graduate Fog’s founder Tanya de Grunwald and Grant Thornton’s Resourcing Brand Officer Nadine Barr explain why it’s is the perfect partnership…

Founder Tanya de Grunwald says:

Tanya de Grunwald

“I am thrilled to announce Grant Thornton as Graduate Fog’s first corporate sponsor. At first look, a gobby graduate careers blog and a respected professional services may seem like an odd couple, but in fact we have much in common.

“The firm is committed to widening access to the profession through paid internships, supporting the profession wide initiative Access Accountancy, dropping academic barriers to entry, and actively targeting young people from more varied socio-economic backgrounds. They have a clear focus on consistency and fairness at every stage of their selection of graduates.

“Grant Thornton has been on my radar for some time, but when I read new CEO Sacha Romanovitch’s impressive Evening Standard interview — in which she announced plans to cap her own pay and launch a profit-share scheme for all employees — I knew I wanted to invite Grant Thornton to sponsor Graduate Fog. Sacha passed my email to her team and we picked up the conversation from there. I am touched that Grant Thornton recognises what a special website Graduate Fog is, and wishes to support its future through partnership.

“Grant Thornton is one of a handful of genuinely innovative employers, constantly seeking to improve their recruitment practices to ensure they are being as fair and inclusive as possible, including offering applicants pre-interview coaching and post-interview feedback. They were the first in their sector to drop the minimum academic requirements, a move since followed by several competitors. Winning this year’s AGR Selection and Assessment Strategy award is proof that the industry recognises this outstanding work.

“Now, Grant Thornton is the first UK employer to back Graduate Fog, proving themselves again and leading by example. I am greatly looking forward to kicking off this partnership and seeing what we can achieve.”

Resourcing Brand Officer Nadine Barr says:

Nadine Barr

“We are impressed with the way Graduate Fog has evolved to become a champion for UK graduates. We also admire its ethos and approach to helping young people not only discover and explore opportunities but also in helping to level the playing field for graduates to have fair access to the best jobs.

“It’s important for graduates to understand what’s acceptable in recruitment practices and what’s not, and that they continue to expect more from employers, who have a responsibility to give every candidate a fair and positive experience. On Graduate Fog, readers write things they feel they could never say to an employer’s face, and that insight helps us understand how we can do things better.

“We know that Tanya is only partnering with firms that share Graduate Fog’s values, so we were delighted to be invited to sponsor the website. We feel Grant Thornton and Graduate Fog share a similar mindset and we didn’t want to miss  being on this journey from the beginning It’s great to be Graduate Fog’s first sponsor and look forward to seeing how the website grows and evolves over the next few years whilst retaining the same values at its core.”

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