Graduate Fog is finding MPs’ moaning about their phones (allegedly) being tapped a little bit tough to take.

Have you been following this story? For those who haven’t, News of the World execs are being accused of illegally eavesdropping on the voicemail messages of various high-profile people, including politicians such as former PM Gordon Brown and Lib Dem Simon Hughes.

If you’re wondering how his is relevant to Graduate Fog, read this comment from Labour’s deputy leader, Harriet Harman. She told Sky News:

“Hacking into people’s phones is illegal. Obviously the criminal law has got to be complied with and if it is broken then it should be investigated by the police and it should be enforced.

“Nobody is above the law, no newspaper editor, no journalist … for all of David Cameron’s talk of trust in politics, it’s fundamental that people obey the law and that’s what’s at risk here.”

Phone hacking is illegal – of course this should be investigated. But so is the now widespread use of unpaid workers, in a country where we congratulate ourselves on having a little thing called the National Minimum Wage law. Coincidentally, the same people who have been involved in the phone-hacking scandal (arrogant newspapers bosses) are among the most guilty of using unpaid interns.

Place your bets on which crime is more likely to get investigated properly.

Remember interns – the Department of Business told Graduate Fog that prosecuting those who exploit you is simply “not a good use of public money.”

Graduate Fog remains extremely unimpressed.

Eavesdropping on a few famous people’s (probably rather boring) voicemails – or allowing employers to contineue to exploit hundreds of thousands of young people through unpaid internships?

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