Vodafone and Ogilvy have confirmed they are two of the UK’s best companies for young job seekers to apply to – by joining our Good + Fair Employers Club.

The mobile phone network and advertising giant are the 15th and 16th big UK employers to come on board, taking their place alongside other top firms including Google, Channel 4, Santander, KPMG, Accenture, EY, Royal Mail and BT.

In order to join our Club, employers must pass a tough test, pledging that they pay all their staff at least the national minimum wage (including interns), recruit from a wide variety of colleges and universities (not just the posh ones), reply to every application they receive, and pay travel expenses when candidates ask for help with the costs of getting themselves to interviews and assessment centres.

Rebecca Farmer, graduates and students lead at Vodafone, said:

“Vodafone are delighted to be joining the Good + Fair Employers Club! We are passionate about developing future talent to build capability for the future through creativity, innovation and digital skills within an ever changing Vodafone. We are looking forward to partnering with other forward thinking organisations to collaborate on the youth landscape and opportunities moving forward.”

ANSWERING THE CALL: Vodafone’s Becky Farmer says they are proud to step up as a fair and responsible employer of young people

And Gavin Sutton, head of learning and development at Ogilvy, said:

“Over the last 18 months our teams have put tremendous effort and energy into raising our standards and doing what is right when employing young people. With that; Ogilvy is proud and excited to join the Good + Fair Employers Club.

“We have been fans of the concept right from the start, and now is the perfect time for us to take part. As all UK employers face unprecedented challenges, it will be exceptionally useful for us to pool ideas, share our own successes and hear what solutions are working well for others. The existing membership list is so impressive and we look forward to meeting our fellow members soon.”

HIGH STANDARDS: Ogilvy’s Gavin Sutton – pictured with colleague Lauren Mollyneux-Brown on a recent Zoom call – says it’s more important than ever that employers remember their responsibilities towards young job seekers

Tanya de Grunwald – founder of the Good + Fair Employers Club and this website, Graduate Fog – said:

“We are delighted to welcome Vodafone and Ogilvy to the Good + Fair Employers Club, and we know they’ll fit right in alongside our other enthusiastic and committed members.

“As 2020 looks set to be a testing time for both businesses and youngsters entering the job market, it is more important than ever that those leading the way continue to remind others of their responsibilities.

“Seeing the UK’s best employers stepping up like this – especially during challenging times – is heart-warming. Great strides have been made in the last few years, especially in terms of diversity and inclusion, and no-one wants to see progress slip backwards.”

De Grunwald added that the Club has never had a more important role to play in bringing employers together, saying:

“Just as our Club Members are responding to this crisis, so are we. We’ve created a new LinkedIn group so our Members can ask communicate with each other at any time, and we’ll be announcing more products and services soon, to help you to help each other through the challenging weeks and months ahead.

“Right from the start, the Good + Fair Employers Club has had a magical feel of collaboration and support, even among firms who may be perceived to be competitors. We expect this community of open and forward-thinking employers to be highly valuable in the weeks and months ahead, as everyone faces difficult decisions.

“We’re honoured to be able to bring our members together to share both their challenges and solutions. We also welcome approaches from other big firms who take pride in being a fair and responsible employer of young people. If you’d like to join our Club, please get in touch.”

SEE YOU THERE? If you join the Club in time, we’d love to see you at our (virtual) spring training breakfast on Thursday 30th April

We’ve also launched a private LinkedIn group where Club Members can share challenges and solutions in confidence

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