How to get a job in journalism (Yes, even in 2010!)

How should wannabe journalists stand out from the competition?
“I tried not to worry too much about ‘standing out’ — I just concentrated on doing a good job whenever I was given an opportunity to prove myself. I think you should work hard and stay focussed on what you want to achieve. If you have any other skills (like previous career experience or languages) it’s good to highlight these whenever you can as when you’re starting out, it can be your non-journalism skills that stand out among the masses of equally qualified people. As for your personality, I’d say be yourself. There are so many different types of journalists and publications that I don’t think one personality fits all.”

What’s the worst thing you had to do as an intern?
“Transcribing word-for-word four hours of really dull interviews for a video news package where the sounds was practically inaudible. It took me all day — and I later discovered that only two lines of the interview were used in the end piece. I wanted to throw the transcribing machine out of the window! I definitely had a ‘What the hell am I doing with my life?’ moment that day.”

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