How to get a job in journalism (Yes, even in 2010!)

What has surprised you the most about journalism?
“I’m surprised by how helpful journalists are to newcomers — but equally how hard it is to get a permanent staff job. I wasn’t prepared for the amount of unpaid work experience that was necessary but being surrounded by genuinely helpful and supportive people did help.”

Do you worry about the future? Do you feel you can’t plan your career — because nobody knows what journalism will look like in two years, let alone 20?
“Like everybody, I am a bit worried about the future of the industry. My prediction is that the days of being a print journalist, or an online journalist or a broadcast journalist will end. I think we’ll all have to become multi-skilled and operate across the different media. It’s happening already — print journalists are now being asked to do video reports as well as written stories. I try not to think too much about the future as it’s impossible to know what kind of jobs will be around in 20 years time for journalists starting out now. I find it less stressful to concentrate on what’s happening today.”

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