Journalism interns can claim a victory at last – Time Out magazine has announced a review of its policy on using unpaid interns, after Graduate Fog brought the issue to their attention last week.

We contacted the magazine after spotting a advert for a three-month internship paying only the “princely” sum of £2 per day in lunch money, a Zones 1 & 2 travel card and “the odd invite to something very exclusive.” Despite the advert stressing that the intern would have “writing responsibilities,” Time Out’s Editor Tim Arthur insisted the role was merely “work experience,” and we had to sit through a lecture from their lifestyle editor about how valuable her unpaid internship had been in getting her the role she’s in now (Grr – that’s the whole point, stupid!). We assumed we’d heard the last of the matter, until this email arrived on Thursday:

To: Graduate Fog
From: Time Out, HR
Date: Thursday 19 April 3.07pm
Re: Time Out Internships

Dear Tanya

Thank you for contacting Time Out and highlighting your areas of concern regarding the Company’s use of Internships.

Whilst Time Out prides itself on the experience all Interns receive during their time with us we acknowledge that greater steps should be made to ensure the scheme meets current requirements on pay and the needs of the Interns involved.

As many in the industry are aware Time Out is going through a period of change in the products that it offers but also in the policies by which it works and operates.

This has resulted in recent changes to the management structure including that of the HR function. As of April I have taken over as Manager of the HR function and along with my colleague I am in the process of reviewing and updating all HR policies.

Thanks to your initial email I can now confirm that a review of our Internship policy is now underway and I will happily update you on the outcome once it has been completed.

Should you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact me. I would also like to take the opportunity to meet with you to discuss our Internship Program, should this be of interest to you.


Andy Goode | Senior HR Manager
Brockhurst Human Resources

For and on behalf of Time Out

We wrote back:

To: Time Out, HR
From: Graduate Fog
Friday 20 April 12.29pm

Hi Andy

Thank you for this email. It is certainly sounds like Time Out is taking steps in the right direction and I would very much like to be kept informed of any changes to your policy on internships in the future.

In the meantime, can you please confirm whether the advertised internship is or isn’t going ahead? Or whether it is going ahead, but will be paid?

Also, does Time Out currently have unpaid interns already working at the magazine – and, if so, what will happen to them?

With thanks again


An out of office response says Andy is away until tomorrow (Tuesday), but we’ll let you know when he responds…

Should they cancel the internship, if they can’t make it paid? Should all magazines and newspapers follow Time Out’s example and review their policy on unpaid internships?

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