If you’re looking for a well-paid, permanent graduate job in 2015, you’ll need to have your wits about you. Despite good news about falling unemployment, many graduates say they’re still finding it tough to secure a good job. Happily, you’ll find lots of advice and ideas on Graduate Fog (and in our hit book How to Get a Graduate Job in a Recession).

If you’re returning to your job hunt having taken a break over Christmas, it can feel grim. Our main piece of advice is this: ditch any job hunting techniques that haven’t worked for you – and try new ones that might. Try different job boards and new recruitment agencies, widen your network and broaden your ideas about what sort of job you might enjoy. If something didn’t work for you in 2014, it’s unlikely to suddenly start working for you in 2015. So bin it – and spend that time experimenting! When you find a move that works, do more of it. Then Just Keep Going…

There are three other important points we particularly wanted to highlight. In 2015…

1) We WILL win the fight for fair internships
Making sure interns receive a fair wage for their work (and that those who can’t afford to work for free are not excluded) has proved a tough battle. At times we’ve had to play dirty, naming and shaming organisations that take advantage of their interns, and even leaking a confidential document that the Conservatives would rather hadn’t been made public. But we ARE getting there – and 2015 is shaping up to be a crucial year. Our predictions? Large ‘good guy’ employers will lend their voices (and funds) to the fight. And the expect the existing law on internships to be tightened with the addition of the 4-week limit.

2) Your skills and hard work ARE worth paying for
Some employers will try and low-ball you on pay, offering you an unpaid internship, minimum wage shift work or a zero hours contract. If you’re struggling financially and feeling low, you may decide to take it. But only temporarily. Keep looking for something better – you’re worth it. Do not let his cheapskate employer damage your sense of what your output is actually worth. Have faith that someone else will recognise your potential and pay more for your contribution. Believe that they’re out there – and keep hunting.

3) You are not alone!
At Graduate Fog, we know that graduate job hunting isn’t easy, especially when you start to feel isolated and lose your mojo. If you’re having a down day, don’t forget to visit us. One of the things we’re most proud of is our supportive, sympathetic community. Post your comment or question below a relevant blog story (one with lots of comments already is best) and you’re guaranteed to receive instant responses, advice and support from people who know how it feels to be in your shoes.

(Tip! Also read How to handle rejection and How to stay motivated)

What is your goal for the year ahead? Do you want to earn more, find a job that’s more fulfilling, move out of your parents’ place, to another part of the country – or even another part of the world? Share your goals below!

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