Energy firm E.ON is sponsoring the Graduate Fog Advice Zone — a vast archive of essential articles that serves thousands of young job seekers in the UK.

E.ON is one of the UK’s most popular graduate employers — not to mention a Candidate Experience Award winner. So we were thrilled when they jumped at our invitation to be a partner on the ‘Power Up Your Job Hunt’ campaign this autumn.

Always keen to help graduates in their job search, E.ON said they were excited about getting together with us to help young people during what can be a difficult time.

Jodie Hartigan, Graduate Coordinator at E.ON UK, said:

“As an energy firm, we’re always pushing ideas that power progress for people, whether they’re our customers, our staff or graduates looking for that ideal job. Everyone likes to be part of something bigger.

“So it made sense for us to partner with a platform that’s already doing a great job of giving graduates fresh, easy-to-use content about their future. Graduate Fog’s showing how you can get young people interested and excited about jobs and careers. That’s why we’re backing them.”

SWITCHED ON: E.ON is supporting Graduate Fog by sponsoring our Advice Zone

QUICK! Places are still available on E.ON’s commercial graduate schemes – but applications close 30 November 2016!

Just like all the firms that work with Graduate Fog, E.ON pays all its staff (including interns) at least the National Minimum Wage, and they’re committed to fair recruitment practices to ensure their job opportunities are open to people from all backgrounds.

The E.ON logo will appear on some of Graduate Fog’s most popular advice articles. These include tips for graduates who can’t afford to do unpaid internships, who still live at home with their parents, or who are dyslexic, dyspraxic or have Asperger’s Syndrome.

E.ON is not just sponsoring the Advice Zone – their logo will appear across Graduate Fog this autumn. And you’ll soon see a guide to How to Get A Graduate Job at E.ON on Graduate Fog — a must-read for any student or graduate thinking about applying to one of E.ON’s graduate schemes.

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