The UK's best graduate bank accounts (plus one to avoid)The UK’s best graduate bank accounts (plus one to avoid)
Got a fancy graduate job? Or doing unpaid internships? Whether you’re rolling in cash or totally skint, find out where you should park your pennies (or your overdraft)

How to Fight the Recession
Graduate Fog can’t fix the economy or create jobs – but we can show you how to multiply your chances of being one of the graduates who does find a job this year… Sound good?

How to Survive Internships
No, not another patronising article about how great slave labour is for your CV. Instead, Graduate Fog shows you lots of clever way to ensure your placement works for you – not just them… How?

How to Get into Media
Struggling break into journalism, music, TV or book publishing? Graduate Fog explains why there are so few jobs in media right now – and how you can tweak your plan to boost your chances… Intrigued?

“What do you mean I can’t wear trainers to work?”
Spent the last three years wearing your jeans for, like, a whole term without washing them? Smarten up now (without spending a fortune)

“Why I deleted your application” One employer delivers the harsh truth
You spent hours on that application – and never heard anything back? Lorraine Emmett, managing director of Emmett and Smith, explains what went wrong… Is she too harsh?

Are you a graduate job snob?Are you being a graduate job snob?
Should jobless graduates should take any paid position they can get – or is it smart to hold out for a really good role? Should you lower your standards?

Why aren't graduates applying for more jobs?Why aren’t graduates applying for more jobs?
Stats suggest most graduates only apply for one job per working day. Are graduates lazy or demotivated – or are graduate application forms simply too long?

How far will you travel for a job interview?How far will you travel for a job interview?
On average, graduates will only travel 35 miles to meet a prospective employer – in some cases a mere 30-minute journey. If they’re desperate for work, shouldn’t jobseekers venture further from home?

Fair or unfair? Former interns get higher starting salaries
Graduates who intern for three months add £1,500 to their starting salary. Is it a reward for grafters – or a penalty for the poor?

Can you survive on the minimum wage?
It’s been dubbed the ‘poverty wage’ because it’s so grim to live on, but for thousands of graduates the minimum wage are only just scraping by. Are you one of them?

Can jobless graduates afford to have principles?
Would you work for an oil company, weapons manufacturer or cigarette maker? Or will you only apply to work for ‘good’ employers? Have your say!

I went bankrupt trying to get into journalism“I went bankrupt trying to get into journalism”
Struggling to break into media – without a trust fund to fall back on? You’re not alone. Read one graduate’s shocking story… Don’t make his mistakes