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Are graduates really TURNING DOWN jobs?Are ‘picky’ graduates really TURNING DOWN jobs?
A report has claimed that graduates are ‘playing hard to get’ with employers, and even turning down work. Can this be true?

Don't vote? Why not?Young people are being shafted – so why don’t more under-35s VOTE?
Why is the turn-out so low, when young people face so many problems today? Can’t be bothered? Or can’t see the point?

Should I do an unpaid internship?“Should I do an unpaid internship?”
If you can afford to work for free – is it a good idea? It’s tempting, but there’s a lot to consider. Here are 8 things you need to know NOW

Interns! What is the rudest thing an employer has ever said to you?Interns! What’s the rudest thing an employer has ever said to you?
Do some bosses feel it’s their human right to hire unpaid staff – and then be horrible to them? Has anyone said anything outrageous to you?

Half of 20-24s live with their parents. Do you?HALF of 20-24s still live with their parents. Do you?
New stats have pointed to a ‘clipped wing’ generation of young people keen to get their lives started, but who can’t afford to move out. Is that you?

Are all unpaid interns really 'rich'?Are all unpaid interns really ‘rich’?
Unpaid interns are often assumed to be spoilt brats – but is this an accurate assessment? If you’ve worked for free, are you ‘rich’?

Why ARE so many graduates getting 2:1 degrees?Why ARE so many graduates getting a 2:1 degree?
A record number of UK graduates are being awarded a 2:1 degree or above — but why? Are students simply working harder?

Video CVs - helpful or humiliating?Video CVs – love them or loathe them?
A chance for you to shine — or yet another ‘trick’ you resent having to perform? Tell us what you think

Graduate debt - just one 'posh coffee' a day?Are your graduate debt repayments really just one ‘posh coffee’ a day?
Want to shrink your debt quicker? Just cut out the cappuccinos, a politician has advised graduates. But does his maths add up?

Do you have a graduate salary envy?Do you have graduate salary envy?
Some grads make £11,000 a year – while others earn £80,000. No wonder a third of graduates admit to comparing their salary to their friends’. Are you rich or poor, relative to your friends?

Should employers always offer interview feedback?Should employers always offer interview feedback?
You spent hours on your application and interview – it’s only fair that they give you some tips for next time, right? Join the debate

Are you a graduate job snob?Are you being a graduate job snob?
Should jobless graduates should take any paid position they can get – or is it smart to hold out for a really good role? Should you lower your standards?

Why aren't graduates applying for more jobs?Why aren’t graduates applying for more jobs?
Stats suggest most graduates only apply for one job per working day. Are graduates lazy or demotivated – or are graduate application forms simply too long?

How far will you travel for a job interview?How far will you travel for a job interview?
On average, graduates will only travel 35 miles to meet a prospective employer – in some cases a mere 30-minute journey. If they’re desperate for work, shouldn’t jobseekers venture further from home?

Should bosses limit interns' hours?Should employers limit interns’ hours?
Desperate to impress, a growing number of graduates are working extreme hours in an effort to boost their chances of a permanent job. Should bosses be stricter about sending interns home?

Who’s fault is it if gradautes can’t spel?
Employers love to bash young jobseekers for poor spelling and grammar – but is that fair? If standards are slipping, surely schools are to blame?

Fair or unfair? Former interns get higher starting salaries
Graduates who intern for three months add £1,500 to their starting salary. Is it a reward for grafters – or a penalty for the poor?

Can you survive on the minimum wage?
It’s been dubbed the ‘poverty wage’ because it’s so grim to live on, but for thousands of graduates the minimum wage are only just scraping by. Are you one of them?

Can jobless graduates afford to have principles?
Would you work for an oil company, weapons manufacturer or cigarette maker? Or will you only apply to work for ‘good’ employers? Have your say!

Was your degree worth the money?
Nick Clegg has apologised for pledging to scrap tuition fees – but is it too late? Are students being conned into buying worthless qualifications?

What should be done about youth unemployment?
Almost a million 16-24-year-olds are now out of work – what is the solution to this growing crisis? What’s stopping you from getting a job?

Should job boards ban ads for unpaid internships?
While many unpaid internships are illegal, advertising them seems not to be. Would banning ads help stamp out the practice? Or would that limit access to only those ‘in the know’?

Do you feel bad taking money from your parents?
Still living with your mum and dad – and accepting their hand-outs? So are thousands of others. Do you feel bad about it? Or does their generation owe yours?

Have graduates become second-class citizens?
You’re interning unpaid, considering prostitution – and being urged sell your kidneys to pay off your debts. Don’t graduates deserve more respect?

Did youth unemployment cause the England Riots?
Or is there no excuse for the violence and looting we’ve seen this week? Was the rioting a form or protest – or straightforward anarchy?