When you’re job-hunting, it’s easy to miss the big picture. So here are some interesting articles to open your frazzled mind, entertain or distract you. Step back and breathe

Can I afford to live in London on a ‘new graduate’ salary?Can you afford to live in London on a new graduate salary
As living costs sky-rocket in the capital, money is a big concern for new graduates. Graduate Fog’s friends at Give A Grad A Go crunch the numbers for you

Should I do an unpaid internship?Should I do an unpaid internship?
Considering working for free, as you’re so desperate for experience to add to your CV? There are lots of factors to weigh up, so make sure you read this first!

How to get a graduate job at RBSHow to get a graduate job at RBS
Think banks only hire business or finance grads? Not this one! RBS wants to hear from applicants with all sorts of degrees – and their application form takes just one hour to complete!

EY logoHow to get a graduate job at EY
Looking for a grown-up job with an un-stuffy firm? We love EY (formerly Ernst & Young), who fly the flag for social mobility and diversity. Have you checked them out yet?

How to get the most out of careers fairHow to make the most of a graduate careers fair
You weren’t just going to pitch up and grab the freebies were you? No – it pays to have a plan! Don’t leave home without reading this first

How to get a graduate job at IBMHow to get a graduate job at IBM
What does it take to get noticed by the recruitment team at the technology, business and consulting firm? We asked Jazmin Curzon, student and graduate recruiter at IBM… Discover her top tips!

Does it matter if your first graduate job is a dud?Does it matter if your first graduate job is a dud?
Not sure what  you want to do – or have you made a career ‘mistake’ already? Stop obsessing – it’s fine. Most graduates have changed career at least once by the age of 24

5 ways to perfect your soft skills5 ways to sharpen up your soft skills
Okay, you have some experience and knowledge. But are you a charming, problem-solving, organised, communicative leader? Here’s how to get what employer want

How to use LinkedIn to get a graduate jobHow to use LinkedIn to get a graduate job
You’ve set up your profile? Great! But don’t just sit back – because nothing will happen (probably). Instead, follow this 6-step guide

13 things you should never say to an unpaid intern13 things you should never say to an unpaid intern
Can you guess which phrases are on the list? This is the must-see BuzzFeed article you need to read now! Take me there

Who's been hiring unpaid interns? The Ultimate Wall of ShameWho’s been hiring unpaid interns? Graduate Fog’s Ultimate Wall of Shame
Which big brands and famous people have been caught employing or trying to recruit unpaid interns? Graduate Fog reveals our proudest scalps Show me the list!

5 mistakes first-time jobseekers make5 mistakes first-time jobseekers make
Can’t work out why you’re having no joy? Check this article to see if you’re making an obvious error. And don’t worry if you are – it’s easily fixed!

11 common interview questions that are actually illegal11 common interview questions that are actually illegal
Employers want to know everything about you, before they offer you a job – but there are some things they’re not allowed to ask. What are they?

10 skills students REALLY need when they graduate10 skills students REALLY need when they graduate
Life after uni not quite what you expected? Worried you lack what employers are looking for? Fear not, you probably have most of the skills you really need. What are they?

What ARE you supposed to ask in that last interview question?So what ARE you supposed to ask in that ‘last question’ at interview?
They’re wrapping up – and you know what’s coming. Are you ready to be asked if you have any questions? No, I’m stumped! Tell me what to say

10 ways to feel less useless while job hunting
No-one has ever accomplished anything while wearing their Spongebob Squarepants pyjamas – and exercise always makes you feel better. Fact. Show me eight more tips!

Thinking of joining a start-up? 6 signs it will be a successThinking of joining a start-up? 6 signs it will be a success
A new company can be a brilliant, exciting place to start your career – but they can be risky too. Is the one you’re thinking of joining a safe bet?

How do I get into journalism?“How do I get a job in journalism?”
Battling to break into the industry with no door? One top editor has the answers you’re looking for Read his tips now

Internships: 10 things every graduate should know
Considering doing your first internship? Or done loads already and losing the will to live? 10 brilliant tips you don’t already know

Thinking of hiring an intern? Read this first
Internships can be great – but many employers are still confused about the facts. If you’re one of them, click here to read more!

Which universities have the richest graduates?
Okay, you’re feeling poor now – but things could be about to change! Is your university in the Top Ten? Find out here

Should you sign up to a recruitment agency?
Some graduates land a job through them – others say they’re a waste of time. Recruitment expert Marie Warren shares her wisdom. Waste of time or worth a shot?

Have rural graduates been forgotten?
Finding a decent graduate job is tough wherever you are – but one young jobseeker says it’s even harder if you don’t live near a big city Read his story

Who’s hiring right now?
Some industries are declining – but others are growing fast! Be smart: find out which they are and go where the growth is!

How to make 11 quid last seven days
Read what happened when one student challenged himself to live cheap for a week. Could you manage it?

“What do you mean I can’t wear trainers to work?”
Spent the last three years wearing your jeans for, like, a whole term without washing them? Smarten up now (without spending a fortune)

“Why I deleted your application” One employer delivers the harsh truth
You spent hours on that application – and never heard anything back? Lorraine Emmett, managing director of Emmett and Smith, explains what went wrong… Is she too harsh?

Are your parents driving you crazy?
After three years living independently at uni, it’s tough coming home to job-hunt. Whether your parents are nagging or nervous, here’s how to handle them… What can you do?

“I went bankrupt trying to get into journalism”
Struggling to break into media – without a trust fund to fall back on? You’re not alone. Read one graduate’s shocking story… Don’t make his mistakes

10 things every graduate should know before they start job hunting
Desperate? Panicking? Stop! Don’t even think about starting your search before you read this article. What are the 10 things?

“Everyone I know still takes hand-outs from their parents”
Low wages and high rents mean that even those in full-time jobs can’t support themselves financially, says one graduate. Are you still getting pocket money from your mum and dad?

How to turn your unpaid internship into a paid job
It’s not easy – but it’s not impossible either. You just need to be brave – and  show them you’re prepared to walk out. Here’s how!

‘If graduates are skint, how come we all have iPhones?’
Yes, today’s graduates have it tough, but one recent grad admits she could be better at budgeting. Do you live beyond your means?

‘The sex industry is the only place where graduates feel welcome’
Graduates have been shut out of almost every other industry. No wonder, they’re turning to escort work to make ends meet, says one graduate. How far would you go to pay off your debt?

‘Why do we think it’s our human right to have a job we love?’
Nobody wants a ‘boring 9-to-5’ – but there simply aren’t enough fun, well-paid jobs for everybody. One recent graduate asks:  Are our expectations too high?

Do you speak intern?
NEW! Graduate Fog publishes a satirical glossary to highlight the distorted madness of unpaid internships. Are you suffering from ‘intern fatigue’? Make me laugh NOW!

Our Best Bits of 2010
We had a blast – but what were the most popular blog stories on Graduate Fog last year? Discover your Ultimate Top Ten posts

10 ways to re-boot your job-hunt NOW
Has your job-hunt stalled? Are you losing motivation and confidence fast? Never fear, ups and downs are normal. What can you do?

Cool jobs your careers adviser doesn’t know about #2
Want to work behind the scenes at one of London’s coolest venues? Graduate Fog meets Maria Nicholson, 32, who works at the Hospital Club. What does she do there?

‘Don’t pity us or hate us – just HELP us!’ begs unemployed graduate
Politicians are all talk and no action when it comes to the looming crisis of graduate unemployment, a recent graduate has claimed. Who else did she yell at?

‘Unemployed graduates? Don’t blame us,’ says uni careers adviser
Why is university careers advice so bad? Graduate Fog asked Dr Dan Ferrett, careers man at Oxford Brookes, the question we know you want answered! Did he go nuts?

How to get a job in journalism (Yes, even in 2010!)
There are still jobs for trainees, says Rose Hamada, who’s about to start at Reuters. But risk and instability are part of the deal now… What does Rose know that you don’t?

“We Graduates Need to Stop Whingeing – and Start Working”
Yes, finding your place in the world of work is tough — but nobody’s going to do it for you. Recent graduate Marcia Liddle, 23, shares her secrets for surviving life after university… What are they?

Can Social Media Really Get you a Job?
It sure can — and if you aren’t using it you’re missing out says Barry Furby, director of online recruitment at digital recruitment agency Fresh Resources… What do you need to know?

Cool jobs your careers adviser doesn’t know about #1
Do you fancy being paid to spend all day on Facebook and Twitter? Graduate Fog grills Jacqui Hill, 26, who does just that… Want Jacqui’s job?